Tips To Choose a Pillow for Your Baby

Tips to choose a pillow for baby

Nowadays, it is not difficult to buy pillows with many beautiful types and colors for a baby. However, choosing a pillow for a baby is not as simple as you think. The pillow influences to baby’s skull, neck, and spine directly. So using the wrong pillow can endanger your children’s health in many ways. So how to choose a pillow for a baby? Scroll down and get the best answer to this question.

1. When should we buy a pillow for a baby?

From birth to 3 months, the spine and the neck of the baby will stay in line. Their neck is very weak and they cannot move the head by themselves. At that time, just put them in a soft mattress or may use a thin towel so that they can easily get deep sleep.

A newborn won’t need a pillow

On the other hand, each baby develops differently. Take care of your child dedicatedly, if they are able to get deep sleep easily on the mattress, you should not buy a pillow for them. They must start using a pillow when they tend to sleep difficulty on the mattress.

2. Tip to choose a pillow for a baby

2.1. Children Allergic

Baby’s skin is very sensitive, so it is easy for your child to get allergic and rashes with strange material. You must notice to what your baby is or isn’t allergic to, when choosing the pillow for your baby. This will save your time in finding out a perfect pillow for the baby.

2.2. Pillow Size

Using inappropriate pillow size will harm your baby’s health. The width of the pillow must suit that of the baby’s head to avoid getting suffocation. The best width is equal or slightly larger than the length of the children’s shoulders.

The perfect thickness of the pillow for children under 4 months is 1-2 cm, 6 months is 3-4 cm, and 3-9 cm for children that are 3 years old and older.

2.3. Pillow Cover

A pillow’s cover made from cotton, cotton-polyester blend or synthetic fiber is the best choice. Because, these materials are excluding harmful toxins, bleaches and dyes.

Nevertheless, the pillow’s cover should be flat and contains no patterns as these may injure the baby.

2.4. Pillow Fill

There are four main types of fill for a baby pillow as below:

  • Latex fill: Support the neck and head very well. Latex is anti-allergy, resistant to mold or dust mites.This makes it is the perfect choice for children with asthma or fever.
  • Fibers fill: There are no synthetic fibers such as polyester, or they may be from natural fibers, most commonly wool. It is very soft and supports the head of the baby very well. Nevertheless, the quality of the fill will reduce in a few months, so you must buy the new one frequently.
  • Down fill: Made from natural material, this pillow has high elasticity as well as high ventilation. Its durability may last up to 10 years. However, if your baby has allergy or asthma with down, you should avoid that one.
  • Memory foam fill: Help regulate the temperature and the appropriate pressure of each body. This fill comes in many shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of this pillow is retaining heat. It may cause sweating and makes your baby uncomfortable when sleeping.

2.5. Firm and soft

Baby pillows must care about the balance of firm and soft

If you press down on the pillow and it does not regain its own shape after you have lifted your hand, it is too soft and may cause suffocation risk. On the other hand, the pillow that is too hard for you to press its surface down  will make the baby uncomfortable

3. Special note when using the pillow for the baby

Place the pillow on the baby’s neck in order to the neck slightly arched. The most comfortable and safest posture is tilted back about 10 – 15 degrees.

Do not let the children lie on the adult’s pillow because it can easily suffocate them.

Wash the pillow cover and bask in the sun to kill mold and bacteria regularly.


When choosing a pillow for a baby, remember to prioritize quality over everything else. You should focus on the width, length, thickness as well as pillow material to choose the best pillow for your baby.

All in all, with this useful information, I hope you will be able to choose the best pillow for your baby.