Using Deodorizers For Bedroom – Recommendations And Precautions

The Cause Of The Smell

In enclosed rooms, there are always smelly objects such as dirty clothes, rags, paint, cigarettes, the smell of food or moldy smells often come out in the rainy season, making the room space not airy. cool, fresh.

The Effect Of The Malodorous Bedroom

With enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, bad smells and unpleasant odors often appear, making the air in the room become stuffy, thereby directly affecting living activities and human work.

If the smell in the room is not handled quickly, people are susceptible to a number of respiratory diseases including headaches, asphyxiation, even poisoning. The consequences will become more serious if there are children in the home.

A  gentle scent will fill your house with pleasant aroma and a sense of comfort, helping your spirit to relax. If you still do not know how to properly use aromatic waxes, aromatherapy bags or room sprays to maximize the effectiveness of each product, then do not overlook the useful information below.

Aromatic Waxes

Using scented wax is a great way to make fill your bedroom with a refreshing smell. Vases with natural scents should be put in the corner of the room so that their fragrance can spread all over the room. The odor inside the bedroom will be overwhelmed and replaced by your favorite scent.

Typically, scented waxes are made from natural ingredients that do not contain additives and toxic chemicals. These include aromatic waxes from soybeans, honey, etc. Many products, such as eucalyptus waxes. meet international safety standards

Antibacterial properties, combining with mint ion are outstanding features of this kind of product.

On the other hand, some scientists have discovered that limonene, commonly used to create the smell of wax, changes into formaldehyde (a potential carcinogen) when exposed to air. Formaldehyde may have different side effects depending on the body individually. Breathing in formaldehyde-contaminated air can lead to breathing problems like coughing, bronchitis and chest pain.

It is advisable that users should pay close attention to the chemical composition of aromatic bedroom wax. Another way is purchasing waxes made of natural components like honey.


Herbs will give customers a pleasant scent, stimulate the brain, refresh your mind and make you feel comfortable. Since then, your sleep is also deeper, more quality. One of the familiar aromas to scent bedroom is lemongrass. It contains essential oils that give off a pleasant aroma, help calm your nerves and eliminate stress.

To plants without processing, users can collect favorite scented fruit to make all the smell evaporate from the bedroom.

Besides the bedroom, the herbal scented bag can be placed in the bathroom, car, closet, shoes, etc.

Objectively, the herb is quite safe for most people, but it should not be used by individuals who are allergic.

Room Spray

Nowadays, room spray is an item that is not unfamiliar to every family. Especially in modern life, when women are always busy with work, family and social relationships, the use of spray perfume are considered as a convenient solution that breathes a new life into your bedroom

However, using room spray worries many housewives because not all of the products on the market are reliable. Choosing the wrong product can cause your whole family to inhale toxic chemicals.

Some of the prestigious brands can be trusted are Poo-Pourri, Clarie Burke, etc.


Essential oil is an item extracted from natural plants, which has a strong deodorizing effect, eliminating unpleasant odors accumulated in the home.

They are highly useful in the process getting rid of  odors as well as killing bacteria, purifying the air to help the atmosphere become more fresher

One of the most suitable essential oil for bedroom is cinnamon because it has the ability to remove the unpleasant smell  but still has a healthy effect, helping the respiratory system to be healthier


Keeping the bedroom always in cool condition is very necessary to every family. With the simple tips as above, I hope that you have known how to make the room always be ideal enough to bring your whole family good sleep.


Best Hot Air Brushes By Consumer Reports – Reviews & Guide 2020

Besides the fact that visiting a salon might be a long distance journey, it would also require you to spend some amount of money beautifying your hair. But do you know what? You can make all the curl, shine and volume a stylist would make for you at home. All you need is a good hot air brush. These hot air brushes combine the features of a blow dryer, curling iron, heat styling, and iron straightener to become a versatile hairbrush.

Top 9 Hot Air Brushes

Also, it does not damage hairs, and at the same time, it prevents you from spending excess money on getting other hair styling tools. For you not to be stressed, we have researched for you, and we have come up with the best 9 hot air brushes.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

After several reviews and researches, we are recommending this hot air brush as the best. John Frieda comes with a number of features that would definitely convince you to go for it. One, you would get this product at an affordable price.

Also, it comes with two heat settings that allow users to either set the heat at either a low or high level depending on the nature of the hair. The 1 ½ inch titanium ceramic barrel of this brush does not only prevent your hair from damaging, but it also helps you to distribute heat evenly.

Likewise, the titanium ceramic also can retain a high level of heat and at the same time makes it more durable. Another unique feature about this model is that it contains a high-voltage ionic generator that produces about 50 percent of ions.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon model is a hot air brush that helps you to dry up your hair very fast and gives a lot of bounce, volume and shine to your hair. It features innovative airflow vents which help to dry out your hair seconds after leaving the bathroom.

Also, it is a lightweight, ergonomic design that is not only portable to move from one place to another, but it is also easy to handle for a long period. Its design is attractive so you would love to have it. This model comes with a professional 6ft. swivel cord that helps you to move the brush to any part of the room with ease. It has heat voltage of about 1100 watts of power for making your hair look smooth and frizz-free. It has a non-detachable hand that makes it possible to create sculpted curved hair.

Conair Instant Heat Styling Brush

For stylists or users in search of a cheap hot air brush to keep their hair beautiful always, definitely, this is what you are looking for. Conair brush comes at an affordable price which makes it a user choice. It also heats up within 30 seconds of putting it on, therefore making it an effective one.

Apart from these, it comes 25 heat setting for any type of hair you want to style. You would not find it difficult to operate since it features multi-layer technology. For users or stylist who is suffering from dementia, you would love to have this product as it comes with an auto-off system which put off itself 60 minutes after inactiveness.

With its 1 ¼ inch size, you can brush your fine or thin, medium, wavy or curly and coarse or thick hair perfectly. Lastly, the turbo heat feature that comes along with this model raises the barrel temperature of the brush up to about 36°F for fast styling.

Helen of Troy ¾ “ Professional Hot Air Brush Styler

When it comes to hot air brush that can make beautiful tight curves perfectly, Helen of Troy is surely one of the best. Apart from the fact that it is not expensive to purchase, you would also find likes in this product with its ¾ inch barrel which dries up hair at a fast rate and help to make any style you want for your hair. It comes with an 8 ft. professional swivel cord that can be stretched to any part for the room with ease. You can at the same time set this brush to any heat level that would fit your hair perfectly. It is important to know that this model does not damage your hair. The flexible ball tipped bristles of Helen of Troy brush grip and handled your hair with great care.

Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer

Although we are recommending this product as one of the best hot air brush you can get in the market today, we also have made a lot of findings of the uniqueness of this brush. Firstly, we found out that Vidal Sasson VS433C has a sleek design that makes it attractive. Also, it has a cool tip that easy to style any hair with it.

Moreover, it features dual heat settings that allow users to either set the heat at a low or high level depending on their choice. Meanwhile, it is a suitable brush for those with small hairs because it is a 1-inch barrel. This 1-inch barrel can be lock and unlock easily making it simple for you to remove your hair when it tangles together. More importantly, this brush is not meant for curling so it should not be used for such.


INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR brush comes in 2 and 1 ½ inches barrels. Both barrels come at the same slightly cheap price. This model features ceramic technology combined with ionic control to give you a great number of volume, curl and shine. The tourmaline ceramic technology of this brush also helps to distribute heat equally to all part of the hair. It has two heat setting which makes it a versatile brush for any type of hair.

Fortunately, you would also enjoy a free protective brush cover that comes along with this product. With its 2 barrel sizes, you can use INFINITIPRO brush on either a small, medium or long hair. You can also use this model as an air spin brush that can rotate either to the left or right for smooth styling of your hair. This brush is one of the most suitable ones for longer and thicker hairs.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

What makes this hot air brush outstanding is the fact that it is easy to use on any hair. It does not also damage hairs, unlike other brushes. Its heat setting can either be set at a high, low or cool level depending on the nature of the hair you want to style. BaBylissPRO Nano airbrush is lightweight and can be moved to anywhere without many difficulties. It is not a cheap product. Therefore you might need some bucks before you can purchase it.

However, it is a very effective brush as it helps you to get rid of all forms of frizz or tights in your hair. With it, you will enjoy plenty of volumes, curl and shine on your hair. A major downside of this model is that the rotating mechanism sometimes grip the hair, so it is not suitable for people with fine hairs.

Conair 3-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Brush Combo Kit

Unlike most hot air brushes, Conair 3-in-1 tourmaline brush has three attachments in its kit. Firstly, it has 1 ¼-inch tourmaline ceramic-coated thermal brush that gives your hair a smooth and silky shine always. This ceramic technology gets rid of frizz off your hair and protects your hair from damaging. Secondly, it features a ¾ -inch natural boar and nylon bristle brush.

And lastly, it has a concentration for pin styling. This hot air brush has the heat capacity of about 1000 watts power that does not only dry up your hair at a fast rate, but it also gives you the maximum styling design that you desire. It comes with a professional length swivel power cord that can be easily stretched to any part of the room or salon with great comfort. This Conair product is also a user-friendly as it comes at an affordable price.

Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Digital Temp Control Ionic Round Hot Air Brush & Bag

For stylists or users who are in search of a luxury hot air brush that works perfectly for any type of hair, this is what you are looking for. Although Calista is not as famous as brands such as Conair, BaBylissPRO, etc., when it comes to styling tools, this model has a great number of performances that make it one of the best hot air brushes you would love to have. It has digital temperature control that makes it easy to operate. This product is one of the most suitable for people with short hairs.

Oth with long or medium hair can go for this 1 ½ -inch barrel of this model. Since this brush barrel is made from ceramic, you can be assured that the heat would be equally distributed to all the part of your hair. Likewise, it is a good option for those stylists or users that forget things easily as it off itself 60 minutes after inactiveness.


Tips To Choose a Pillow for Your Baby

Tips to choose a pillow for baby

Nowadays, it is not difficult to buy pillows with many beautiful types and colors for a baby. However, choosing a pillow for a baby is not as simple as you think. The pillow influences to baby’s skull, neck, and spine directly. So using the wrong pillow can endanger your children’s health in many ways. So how to choose a pillow for a baby? Scroll down and get the best answer to this question.

1. When should we buy a pillow for a baby?

From birth to 3 months, the spine and the neck of the baby will stay in line. Their neck is very weak and they cannot move the head by themselves. At that time, just put them in a soft mattress or may use a thin towel so that they can easily get deep sleep.

A newborn won’t need a pillow

On the other hand, each baby develops differently. Take care of your child dedicatedly, if they are able to get deep sleep easily on the mattress, you should not buy a pillow for them. They must start using a pillow when they tend to sleep difficulty on the mattress.

2. Tip to choose a pillow for a baby

2.1. Children Allergic

Baby’s skin is very sensitive, so it is easy for your child to get allergic and rashes with strange material. You must notice to what your baby is or isn’t allergic to, when choosing the pillow for your baby. This will save your time in finding out a perfect pillow for the baby.

2.2. Pillow Size

Using inappropriate pillow size will harm your baby’s health. The width of the pillow must suit that of the baby’s head to avoid getting suffocation. The best width is equal or slightly larger than the length of the children’s shoulders.

The perfect thickness of the pillow for children under 4 months is 1-2 cm, 6 months is 3-4 cm, and 3-9 cm for children that are 3 years old and older.

2.3. Pillow Cover

A pillow’s cover made from cotton, cotton-polyester blend or synthetic fiber is the best choice. Because, these materials are excluding harmful toxins, bleaches and dyes.

Nevertheless, the pillow’s cover should be flat and contains no patterns as these may injure the baby.

2.4. Pillow Fill

There are four main types of fill for a baby pillow as below:

  • Latex fill: Support the neck and head very well. Latex is anti-allergy, resistant to mold or dust mites.This makes it is the perfect choice for children with asthma or fever.
  • Fibers fill: There are no synthetic fibers such as polyester, or they may be from natural fibers, most commonly wool. It is very soft and supports the head of the baby very well. Nevertheless, the quality of the fill will reduce in a few months, so you must buy the new one frequently.
  • Down fill: Made from natural material, this pillow has high elasticity as well as high ventilation. Its durability may last up to 10 years. However, if your baby has allergy or asthma with down, you should avoid that one.
  • Memory foam fill: Help regulate the temperature and the appropriate pressure of each body. This fill comes in many shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of this pillow is retaining heat. It may cause sweating and makes your baby uncomfortable when sleeping.

2.5. Firm and soft

Baby pillows must care about the balance of firm and soft

If you press down on the pillow and it does not regain its own shape after you have lifted your hand, it is too soft and may cause suffocation risk. On the other hand, the pillow that is too hard for you to press its surface down  will make the baby uncomfortable

3. Special note when using the pillow for the baby

Place the pillow on the baby’s neck in order to the neck slightly arched. The most comfortable and safest posture is tilted back about 10 – 15 degrees.

Do not let the children lie on the adult’s pillow because it can easily suffocate them.

Wash the pillow cover and bask in the sun to kill mold and bacteria regularly.


When choosing a pillow for a baby, remember to prioritize quality over everything else. You should focus on the width, length, thickness as well as pillow material to choose the best pillow for your baby.

All in all, with this useful information, I hope you will be able to choose the best pillow for your baby.