Using Deodorizers For Bedroom – Recommendations And Precautions

The Cause Of The Smell

In enclosed rooms, there are always smelly objects such as dirty clothes, rags, paint, cigarettes, the smell of food or moldy smells often come out in the rainy season, making the room space not airy. cool, fresh.

The Effect Of The Malodorous Bedroom

With enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, bad smells and unpleasant odors often appear, making the air in the room become stuffy, thereby directly affecting living activities and human work.

If the smell in the room is not handled quickly, people are susceptible to a number of respiratory diseases including headaches, asphyxiation, even poisoning. The consequences will become more serious if there are children in the home.

A  gentle scent will fill your house with pleasant aroma and a sense of comfort, helping your spirit to relax. If you still do not know how to properly use aromatic waxes, aromatherapy bags or room sprays to maximize the effectiveness of each product, then do not overlook the useful information below.

Aromatic Waxes

Using scented wax is a great way to make fill your bedroom with a refreshing smell. Vases with natural scents should be put in the corner of the room so that their fragrance can spread all over the room. The odor inside the bedroom will be overwhelmed and replaced by your favorite scent.

Typically, scented waxes are made from natural ingredients that do not contain additives and toxic chemicals. These include aromatic waxes from soybeans, honey, etc. Many products, such as eucalyptus waxes. meet international safety standards

Antibacterial properties, combining with mint ion are outstanding features of this kind of product.

On the other hand, some scientists have discovered that limonene, commonly used to create the smell of wax, changes into formaldehyde (a potential carcinogen) when exposed to air. Formaldehyde may have different side effects depending on the body individually. Breathing in formaldehyde-contaminated air can lead to breathing problems like coughing, bronchitis and chest pain.

It is advisable that users should pay close attention to the chemical composition of aromatic bedroom wax. Another way is purchasing waxes made of natural components like honey.


Herbs will give customers a pleasant scent, stimulate the brain, refresh your mind and make you feel comfortable. Since then, your sleep is also deeper, more quality. One of the familiar aromas to scent bedroom is lemongrass. It contains essential oils that give off a pleasant aroma, help calm your nerves and eliminate stress.

To plants without processing, users can collect favorite scented fruit to make all the smell evaporate from the bedroom.

Besides the bedroom, the herbal scented bag can be placed in the bathroom, car, closet, shoes, etc.

Objectively, the herb is quite safe for most people, but it should not be used by individuals who are allergic.

Room Spray

Nowadays, room spray is an item that is not unfamiliar to every family. Especially in modern life, when women are always busy with work, family and social relationships, the use of spray perfume are considered as a convenient solution that breathes a new life into your bedroom

However, using room spray worries many housewives because not all of the products on the market are reliable. Choosing the wrong product can cause your whole family to inhale toxic chemicals.

Some of the prestigious brands can be trusted are Poo-Pourri, Clarie Burke, etc.


Essential oil is an item extracted from natural plants, which has a strong deodorizing effect, eliminating unpleasant odors accumulated in the home.

They are highly useful in the process getting rid of  odors as well as killing bacteria, purifying the air to help the atmosphere become more fresher

One of the most suitable essential oil for bedroom is cinnamon because it has the ability to remove the unpleasant smell  but still has a healthy effect, helping the respiratory system to be healthier


Keeping the bedroom always in cool condition is very necessary to every family. With the simple tips as above, I hope that you have known how to make the room always be ideal enough to bring your whole family good sleep.